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maxPro is a social marketing organization working to promote socially beneficial products and services with the aim of improving the lives of marginalized low income families in Nepal. Since its establishment fifteen years ago, maxPro has worked to promote community based health and non health related products and services. We have worked in promoting the use and availability of adequately iodized salt, promoted home based multiple micronutrient supplementation, partnered with various organization to promote gender equity and reproductive health, as well as implemented a social marketing campaign to advance financial inclusion in Nepal.

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The World Bank Nutrition Development Marketplace Grant

In August 2009, maxPro was selected as a recipient of the World Bank Nutrition Development Marketplace Grant. The Grant was used to fund a year long social marketing campaign promoting the use of the “Two Child Logo” adequately iodized salt in the Terai District of Parsa.

The project began in December 2009 and ended in December 2010.

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Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund



The situation of 6 – 23 months children’s nutrition status in emergencies can radically change for the worse placing their lives at great risk. To mitigate this situation, attention needs to be given to their unique nutrition requirements. Children 6 - 12 months get only 50% of their dietary requirement through breast milk due to which there is a need to introduce additional nutritious complementary food to their diet. The nutrition needs met by breast milk reduces even further in their second year of life. After six months of age, in addition to continued breast feeding, families need to introduce complementary food and feed Infants 3 – 5 times in a day. Infants’ stomach are tiny and can ingest has limited quantities of food at a time, due to which they must be fed little at a time frequently. In emergencies, this becomes challenging for families due to their limited access to nutritious food, as well as time and means to prepare extra meals for their little ones. This environment places 6 – 23 months children under extreme risk of malnutrition, which further reduces their ability to fight disease due to reduced immunity, and in an already deteriorating and challenging environment, this situation can be life threatening.

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