Over the years, we have worked in over forty six districts all over the country, and our partners have included various agencies of the United Nations and international non-government organizations.


  • Implementation of Community promotion of IYCF linked with MNP Supplementation. (Currently being implemented in six districts of Nepal)
  • Implementation of community based social marketing campaign of the Two Child Logo Iodized Salt in nine central and eastern districts of Nepal. (Currently in three districts of Nepal)
  • Long Term Agreement for the Planning and Execution of public health national media campaigns
  • Implementation of the community based operational feasibility study for the introduction of Sprinkles in Nepalese Grass Roots Communities
  • Development of communication strategies and IEC materials (Hand Wash & Sanitation: Your health is in your hands)
  • Development of IEC materials (for Immunization: radio spots)
  • Media planning and execution of nationwide awareness campaigns through radio mediums (Polio Immunization, Mine Action Group, Measles Immunization, Bird Flu)

World Bank Nutrition Development Marketplace Grant

In August 2009, MaxPro was selected to be one of the recipients of the World Bank Grant to implement a community based social marketing campaign for the promotion of Iodized Salt in the district of Parsa. This is a grant for a one year project that began in December 2009.

United Nations World Food Program

  • Implementation of Micronutrient Powder supplementation for children in food insecure districts of Nepal (Currently being implemented in 17 districts)
  • Implementation of the pilot phase of Micronutrient Powder supplementation for children in food insecure districts of Nepal (in 3 districts)
  • Design of MNP boxes for various programs being implemented globally by WFP

Population Services International Nepal

  • Planning and execution of a Social marketing campaign to promote Sun Quality Health Franchise Network
  • Design, development and procurement of merchandizing materials for No. 1 Condoms

Micronutrient Initiative (Nepal)

  • Development of the Logo for Fortified Flour
  • Media planning and placement for the promotion of the logo for Fortified Flour

BBC World Service Trust

Designing and Developing Behavior Change Communication Materials for the implementation of the Trachoma Eradication Program in Kailali and Kanchanpur Districts of Nepal

Miscellaneous Social Marketing Communication Projects


Warning potential victims, families and the general public about the issues of cross border trafficking and domestic violence through a billboard campaign in 20 border districts of Nepal.


Encouraging male members of the family to abstain from domestic violence and encourage them to be responsible for their families.


Sensitizing the urban public towards the issue of domestic violence.