At maxPro, we offer a wide range of services to assist our partners in developing and implementing comprehensive social marketing campaigns.

In keeping with the "bottom up" approach, our strategies and recommendations are at all times informed by the needs of the community and the realities on the ground.

Formative Studies/Research

Formative studies are conducted to assess the knowledge, attitudes, behaviour, and practices of the intended beneficiaries, and also to understand the socio-economic and cultural realities shaping the communities. Insights gained ensure that our programmes are practical and they effect desired outcomes.

Behaviour Change Communication/Information Education Communication

Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)/Information Education Communication (IEC) strategies are built and executed as per the needs of the programme and are applied across the entire spectrum of programme activities. The communications are intentionally kept simple and promote small, doable actions.

Monitoring and Evaluation

To ensure robust and effective monitoring of the programmes, specific tools, methods, and training programmes are developed and conducted. Also, local level stakeholders are involved in the monitoring process so as to encourage community ownership of the programmes.

Capacity Building/Training Facilitation

maxPro facilitates capacity building through workshops, orientation meetings, and training programmes at all levels of the intervention. Suitable methods are designed and utilized as per the participants’ needs.

Social Mobilization

At maxPro, we lay much emphasis on community participation. As such, we work to mobilize communities at all levels of the intervention, especially at the grassroots. This not only increases intra-community communication as regards the programme and its goals, but also serves to create demand for the products, services, or a new "behaviour" being promoted.

Media Services

maxPro, in association with maxmedia Pvt. Ltd. (a maxPro group organization), provides a wide range of media services, giving our partners access to media establishments across the country.

Our media services include:

  • Media Public Relations
  • Media Planning
  • Media Release Management (in Television, Print and Radio)
  • Programme Production Coordination.