Nepal Earthquake Relief

The situation of 6 – 23 months children’s nutrition status in emergencies can radically change for the worse placing their lives at great risk. To mitigate this situation, attention needs to be given to their unique nutrition requirements. Children 6 - 12 months get only 50% of their dietary requirement through breast milk due to which there is a need to introduce additional nutritious complementary food to their diet. The nutrition needs met by breast milk reduces even further in their second year of life. After six months of age, in addition to continued breast feeding, families need to introduce complementary food and feed Infants 3 – 5 times in a day. Infants’ stomach are tiny and can ingest limited quantities of food at a time, due to which they must be fed little at a time frequently. In emergencies, this becomes challenging for families due to their limited access to nutritious food, as well as time and means to prepare extra meals for their little ones. This environment places 6 – 23 months children under extreme risk of malnutrition, which further reduces their ability to fight disease due to reduced immunity, and in an already deteriorating and challenging environment, this situation can be life threatening.

Super Flour Initiative Quick Glances
Districts Targeted / Reached Estimated Affected 6 - 24 months Children Supply Need / Our capacity Supply Dispatched (Kg) to partners for distribution No. of distributions made (locations)
5 / 5 27,535 55,070 Kg / 35,528 Kg (65%) 13,253 Kg 60

Super Flour Funding Requirement (May – June 2015)

Super Flour Procurement (Upto May 31, 2014)

Super Flour Fund Raising and Utilization in May 2015

Super Flour Procurement Situation in May 2015

We would like to thank all those who came forward to support this initiative which has helped us to secure more than 100% of the funding need for the month of May, 2015. We are now reaching out to even more friends and supporters to raise funds for the procurement of super flour for the month of June 2015.

The 2015 Nepal earthquake has affected 1.8 million Nepalese. 400,000 homes have been destroyed. Many infants have been exposed to risk of hunger and malnutrition. In our effort to meet this emergency nutrition challenge of infants of the earthquake affected families, the maxPro team have initiated raising funds to procure and distribute super flour lito, a nutritious weaning food for infants that Nepalese mothers are familiar with. Our initiative aims to build an inventory of super flour Lito and add it to the relief packages of ongoing emergency nutrition relief operations in the critically affected 5 districts.

After the 7.3 Richter scale earthquake on May 12, 2015, the situation of affected populations and districts have worsened and the no. of affected children have increased drastically.

Updated data of affected children
Earthquake Affected Districts Damaged non public buildings* HH size* Affected Population Total Pop(Census 2011)* %(affected of total pop)* Population of 6 - 23 months children** Estimated Affected 6 - 23 months children
Sindhupalchok 49,933 4.32 215,711 287,798 75% 8,828 6,617
Gorkha 44,607 4.08 181,997 271,061 67% 8,179 5,492
Nuwakot 57,943 4.69 271,753 277,471 98% 8,461 8,287
Rasuwa 407, 4.43 31,187 43,300 72% 1,376 991
Dolkha 48,880 4.08 199,440 186,557 107% 5,752 6,149
Total 27,535
*OSOCC Assessment Cell report on 15/05/2015. Population estimates used are of 2011 and have not been adjusted for 2014-2015
**Health Information Management System, Dept. of Health Services, Govt. of Nepal MOHP(2014/2015)



The Super flour Lito is a ready to use energy dense complementary food. It is produced in combination of two food types; whole grain (maize, barley, rice, wheat, millet or buckwheat) and one part of pulse or legumes (soybeans, other small beans, grams and peas) which is nutritious for 6 – 23 months children. Our current product is being made with soybean, wheat and corn. Super flour (Lito) is a traditional complementary food that mothers are familiar with. We are currently sourcing this product from three vendors.



You can help by supporting our super flour procurement through cash donations or procuring super flour through your networks here in Nepal and supply us the product. We can help channel the super flour to the needy. 100% of the donated funds are applied towards procurement and all in kind donations are distributed through relief operations.

Click on “Donate Now” below or go to, scroll down and click on Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund - Children Super Flour, and select whichever method of payment is suitable for you. All funds received through Hoste Hainse will be transferred towards the procurement of the superflour.

For more information, please contact: Kuldip Malla (